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High Authority Wiki Backlinks have long been a secret weapon of ours when it comes to quickly ranking in the search engines for low to medium competition keyword terms.

To start, all of our High Authority Wiki Backlinks are created from different wiki systems/platforms to avoid footprints. But that’s not all that makes our High Authority Wiki Backlinks great either.

For example, in addition to the high trust given by the search engines for each wiki page which has your backlinks on them, as a nice bonus for you, every wiki page which you order from us will be highly relevant to your desired search term(s) as well! In fact, that’s our main secret as to why all the major search engines will honor your wiki backlinks with much power and trust very fast. It is because of high page authority and niche relevancy which produce great results!

Google grants huge authority to these Wikipedia backlinks.

Wikipedia backlinks are some of the most sought after sources of backlinks and can help your website in a number of ways. It tells Google and the search engines that your brand is credible, trusted and can help you significantly improve your website rankings. There is a science to securing Wikipedia backlinks. The information is factual, non-promotional and never appears spammy or contrived. Fortunately, our veteran team will handle everything for you, choosing what page to post your link in and crafting factual, non-promotional message into the content to ensure it lasts. All we need is your website link and we will handle the rest.

Our highly coveted High Authority Wiki Backlinks are now yours for the taking!

Fortunately, we have a team of Wikipedia veterans who can secure placement and backlinks for your site. For reputable businesses, this is priceless opportunity to secure some of the most precious backlinks available, increasing brand exposure, reputation and Google website rankings.
The problem is that getting a Wikipedia backlink to stick is extremely difficult. Wikipedia is a community-moderated site with strict guidelines as to what sources and references can be used.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have a team of veterans who are in contact with Wikipedia moderators. We either obtain backlinks from these moderators or update existing content on Wikipedia.

We take pride in providing Wikipedia links SEO for our clients. For example, if you have an automotive related business, we will place your links in Wikipedia articles related to it.

Wikipedia can be used by everyone. If someone places a link of a higher DA website, a Wikipedia moderator will prefer it over low DA websites. So, links can be removed after sometime. We make sure that your link stays up and replace them in case they get removed.

Wikipedia has a very robust anti-spamming policy. If you use the same anchor text in many articles, Wikipedia will regard it as spam and remove them.

No, we don’t. It is the policy of Wikipedia to only use nofollow links across the site. Even if the link redirects to a high authority website, Wikipedia still considers it as nofollow.

We don’t provide the facility of refund if a link gets taken down. However, as customer satisfaction is our foremost priority, we replace the links with similar ones free of cost.